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Main Questions

Your doubts may be here. Just go in and check it out.

1. What is LGBank?

LGBank is a Cryptobank based in the British Virgin Islands, UK.

2. In Brazil, is LGBank's activity legal?

Yes! In Brazil, LGBank is a financial institution and is part of the business activity of brokerage and custody of crypto-assets through CNAE 6619-3/99.

3. Is LGBank a fintech?

Yes! Fintech is a term that came from the union of the words financial and technology. Fintechs are mostly startups that work to innovate and optimize services in the financial system.

4. Is LGBank linked to Banco Central Bacen?

No, we are a Cryptobank!  Only Commercial Banks, Investment Banks and Multiple Banks, among other institutions, are linked to the Central Bank.

5. Is LGBank linked to CVM?

No! LGBank works with cryptocurrencies and, for the CVM, cryptocurrencies are not real estate assets. The CVM is an official, governmental body, that is, an administrative autarchy linked to the Ministry of Finance. Its primary function is focused on monitoring the activities of the real estate market.

6. Is my balance at LGBank in Brazilian reais?

LGBANK works 100% with cryptocurrencies.

7. I made my deposit in Brazilian reais, why does LGP appear?

LGP (LGPoint) is the cryptocurrency of our Cryptobank.

All deposits are automatically converted to LGP.

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