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Am I safe? Discover the advantages and risks of investing in cryptocurrencies

You, a natural investor or who are just starting to know about the cryptocurrency market, are concerned about the security of your data, of your online investments, of course. We know that from the moment we have any information in the digital world, we run some kind of risk.

But how is that in relation to cryptocurrencies? Are they safe?

The answer is yes. According to experts in digital security, the famous blockchains, where cryptocurrencies are registered, have a security that is very difficult to break.

In addition to the blocks being all encrypted, to make a change on the network it would be necessary for all computers to approve, in addition to that the individual would have to rewrite all blocks after this one, which would also have to be approved.

Is there any possibility of my coins being stolen?

Scams are typically targeted at exchanges and individuals through phishing, which is a social engineering technique that tricks the victim into providing sensitive and sensitive data, or even through information hijacking (data leakage) that they request. ransom payment with cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, it is important to know that there are ways to deal with cryptocurrencies in a much safer way.

Check out the Advantages and Risks of Investing in Cryptocurrencies.


  • High profitability potential

  • Diversification of the investment portfolio

  • Easy accessibility for investment

  • growth in popularity

  • Blockchain security

  • Privacy


  • high volatility

  • Lack of government regulation (For now)

As we realized, the potential of cryptocurrencies is great and their risks can be calculated. For volatility, you can use diversification protection, for example. And investors should only invest in the amount they feel comfortable seeing diluted in the event of any event.

Regarding security, although they are sometimes targets of fraud and scams, cryptocurrencies have their means of making the whole process safer and more transparent. One way is through the blockchain, but the safest way is to invest in something physical, palpable, which based on the movement of cryptocurrencies, end up earning you a fixed monthly income, even if lower than other assets, but with much less risk, the which is the case with our smart contract.

So, if you're interested, want to know more?!

In the next post you will understand how to invest in the crypto market with much more security and profitability!

Until next time, folks!

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