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We are a criptobank
specialized in tokenizing assets.

On our platform we provide users with several functions related to the purchase of cryptocurrencies, leasing and smart contracts.

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Custody in Crypto Assets

We are a cryptocurrency custody platform, unlike Exchanges that are linked to exchange and speculation.

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Projects in Cryptoassets

We create your cryptocurrency project
from scratch according to your needs.

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Leasing in Crypto Assets

We have a cryptocurrency rental platform, which multiplies the equity in cryptocurrency.

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Asset Tokenization

We create your project in order to tokenize tangible assets (real estate) and intangible assets (ideas).

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Listing in Cryptoassets

List your cryptocurrency with us and have a fixed price without speculation within a platform connected to the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service.

Equity informed in the Revenue.

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Alticoins Incubator

Our platform was structured to provide new projects with sustainability and longevity, freeing them from the predatory and speculative process that exists in Exchanges.

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Crowdfunding with Tokens

Raise resources for your project through tokens within our platform.

* Projects of up to BRL 10,000,000.00 (ten million)

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Tokenized Project Profit Division

Promote profit sharing in the results of your tokenized projects.

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