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Meet our Team

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Luiz Góes

Founder and President

Luiz Góes is a Brazilian business executive CEO of LYOPAY, a multi-service payment platform. 

Previously, he founded in 2020 LGbank, a CryptoBank intended for tokenization projects through Crownfunding.

Luiz Góes is a business executive specializing in business management, leadership and implementation. 
He already works in the management of Fintechs and has promoted several digital business consultancies. 
Develops and designed business tokenization projects, with an emphasis on project implementation and profit sharing, based on crowdfunding models.

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Pedro Dutra

Director of Operations

He has been in the financial market for over 11 years, currently an investment specialist at Anbima. Graduated and with an MBA in Business Management from FGV, he managed large portfolios within the capital and cryptocurrency markets, passing through large institutions such as Safra, Hsbc and Bradesco. He has vast knowledge in Blockchain and Decentralized Finance and today, in addition to being COO, he is responsible for coordinating the LGBank development team.

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Bruno Monteiro

Corporate Relations Director

Economist with an MBA in Financial Markets and ANBIMA CEA certification. Knowledge of financial investment products.
Experience in Customer Service and relationship with Individual and Corporate customers.
He worked in financial institutions such as Ágora, Genial Investimentos, BNY Mello and Banco Safra. products.
Experience in Customer Service and relationship with Individual and Corporate customers.
He worked in financial institutions such as Ágora, Genial Investimentos, BNY Mello and Banco Safra.

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Débora Diniz

Administrative Director

He has 20 years of experience in the financial market, has worked in large institutions  Unibanco, Citibank, Santander, Securitizadora Euro 17, as Investment Manager, in the high-income segment. Bachelor in Business Administration, Certified by Anbima CPA-20, Studying Postgraduate in Investments and Blockchain.

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Leandro Suzarte

Project Director

It is your role to ensure productivity and proper management of resources.
Leandro has vast knowledge and experience in people and business management, during his career he developed some projects in the private sector and served as Secretary in São Gonçalo, metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro. Graduating in Financial Management and pursuing an extension course in Investments and Blockchain.

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Iza França

Social Communications Director

Graduated in Social Communication with an emphasis on Journalism. Postgraduate in Communication and Marketing Management from the University of São Paulo (ECA-USP/SP). He worked in TV, Radio, Internal Communication, he has about 15 years in the Public Relations sector, more than 20 in the social communication sector. Work at large companies such as Organizações Globo, Editora; e-Commerce, the multinational Tyco Electronics. Co-founder of two agencies in the communication in the business sector. Mentor and Executive Advisor 
different fields of activity. Influencer and Career Management Specialist 
executive. Experienced in retail, franchising, entrepreneurship, 
business, financial market, complex industries and crisis management.

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Alessander Silva

Art Director

Bachelor in Advertising with over 10 years of experience in Graphic and Audiovisual Design. He is a communication enthusiast with an entrepreneurial streak, resilient, integrated and committed.
With his extensive knowledge in Branding, he is always involved in the development of Startups and projects for companies such as Wewe Global, Semperbom and Tupperware.

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Miquéias Silva

Technology Director

Programmer with extensive experience in PHP systems development focusing on Laravel and Cakephp3.
Focused on ensuring that technological and information systems are always up and running.
Specialist in making strategies tangible and transforming them into technologies andtangible solutions.

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