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Created to be a community

Luiz Góes is a 40-year-old businessman from Rio de Janeiro and Brazil. He stood out in entrepreneurship with a meteoric career and in 2018 he joined the banking system, working in a large financial group based at the time in the Burj Khalifa, in Dubai.

During this period, he had the opportunity to visit Dubai, a city experiencing rapid expansion and innovation. There, he became interested in the cryptocurrency market and the tokenization projects that were being developed by local and international companies that created their own Token in order to capture investments around the world in an accessible way.

In 2019, he returned to Brazil and started working in a group linked to Estonia, a pioneering country in the use of cryptocurrencies. In February 2020, he founded his own platform, LGBank, with the aim of creating tokenization projects via OTA (Tokenized Asset Offering). A visionary, he already anticipated the future of blockchain and created a tokenization platform, where LGBank would function as an escrow account (escrow account), guaranteeing the security of investors and the audit of projects listed on the platform.

Talking about cryptocurrencies was a challenge, but Luiz Góes demonstrated his seriousness and transparency by putting the initials of his name on his financial institution. LGBank (Luiz Góes Bank) is proof of your professional commitment and your confidence in the potential of cryptocurrencies.

His dream is to transform LGBank into a Community Bank, that is, to apply banking expertise and adopt the philosophy of blockchain and the decentralization, transparency and integrity of cryptocurrencies.

His greatest desire, since he has great financial freedom, is to be able to promote freedom to other families who wish, through technology, to achieve the independence they dream of. Therefore, LGBank sets out to free people from financial captivity, with its innovative multiple services platform.

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